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What's the Difference?

The difference between Hot & Stripe Wax 
Is one more effective? Less Painful? Why is Hot Wax more expensive? Aren’t they both ‘hot’ wax? 

So many questions, but the good news is we are going to answer them… 

The main difference between the two is that Strip Wax involves using disposable strips to remove the hairs, whereas Hot Wax is left to harden and then directly taken off. Strip Wax is what most people think of when you mention waxing. It’s a runny wax that’s applied in a thin layer then hair immediately removed by rubbing a disposable strip against it and quickly peeling it off. 

Hot Wax is typically thicker and applied thickly too. Your therapist uses a spatula to apply the wax and will put on what feels like a few layers and then leave one edge with some extra wax. Over a few minutes the wax will harden slightly during which time your therapist will usually apply wax to another area to save time. She will then ‘pat’ the wax to check how soft or hard it is. Once ready, she will peel away at the corner where more wax was added, then remove the wax quickly in one entire piece without using a disposable strip.

When to choose Strip or Hot Wax 
Strip wax is generally used for larger areas as it is much quicker to apply and remove. It’s almost always used for areas such as legs, arms and the back. Its generally better for thicker or less sensitive skin. When used on sensitive skin it can lead to bruising, tearing and ingrown hairs – not fun! 

Hot Wax is very suitable for waxing sensitive areas or thicker hair which is why it is often the wax choice for intimate waxing. The wax is left on the skin for up to a minute, the heat opens the pores and the hair follicles, allowing the hair to wax out much more easily. This should theoretically be less painful too, it also has a stronger grip on the hairs, which makes it ideal for thicker more stubborn hair and even wax shorter hairs of just 1mm in length.

Quick Recap

Strip Wax –

  • Quick to apply and wax off
  • Perfect for large areas likw lwgs or back
  • Ideal for thicker / less sensitive skin
  • Requires less technique so most therapists can use it


  • Isn’t suitable in sensitive areas – can even cause bruising and more ingrown hairs
  • Doesn’t grip as tightly to hair so not ideal for thicker hair such as a Hollywood wax

Hot Wax –

  • The warmth of the wax opens the pores
  • Fewer ingrown hairs, less breakages and therefore longer re-growth periods
  • The wax promotes skin hydration
  • A stronger grip on the hairs so highly effective on thicker, stronger hairs eg, Hollywood wax
  • Perfect for short, stubborn hairs as short as 1mm
  • Lessens the chance of skin reddening


  • Much slower as the wax needs to be applied in several layers, then needs roughly a minute to harden, then peel off
  • Requires more training and technique and is therefore slightly higher in price

Strip Wax - Hair Removal Prices

£47.50 – Full Leg and Thong Bikini
£41.50 – Full Leg and Classic Bikini
£33.50 – Full Leg
£28.50 – ¾ Leg
£24.50 – ½ leg
£21.50 – Thong Bikini
£16.50 – Classic Bikini
£17.50 – Forearm
£21.50 – Full Arm Wax
£16.50 – Underarm

Hot Wax - Hair Removal Prices

£49.50 – Full Leg and Hot Wax Thong Bikini
£47.50 – Full Leg and Hot Wax Classic Bikini
£18.50 – Classic Bikini
£23.50 – Thong Bikini                                                                                        £34.50 – G-String
£18.50 – Underarm
£41.50 – Brazilian Wax                                                                                  £47.50 – Hollywood Wax                                                                                £61.50 – Full Leg & G-String
£69.50 – Full Leg & Brazilian Wax
£79.50 – Full Leg & Hollywood Wax

£15 – Rio (Add on Classic or Thong £10)


Waxing Names Explained

We are often asked ‘What is a Hollywood’ or ‘What is a Brazilian’, so with the re-launch of Intimate Waxing we thought we would explain…

We will be offering six types of Hot Wax Treatments; The classic, The Thong, The G-String, The Brazilian, The Hollywood and The Rio Wax. All you need to do is decide which one if for you, so here is a guide to help you make up your mind…