Sports and Massage Specialist

at House of Beauty

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Sports and Massage Specialist


Massage is probably the oldest form of healthcare. Based on the healing value of touch, it is for everybody. We all suffer from aches and pains and the stresses of modern life; Massage therapy could be just what you need.

Salon Director Nigel Smith brings years of massage experience to House of Beauty, working in Salons and Clinics in this country and abroad. He offers a style of massage that combines many different techniques designed to suit your individual needs.

Sports Massage – £54.50
1 hr
The ultimate goal of this massage is to reduce stress and tension that may build up in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. An idea massage for specific aches and pains or previous muscular injury’s

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – £42.99
De-stress you upper body, ease away tension and fell truly relaxed, soothed and wanting more than 30minues of this massage.

Upper Body De-Stress – £48.99
Back, neck and shoulder massage, a perfect pick-me-up for a tired mind and body

Therapeutic Massage
1hr – £53.50
1hr 30mins – £74.50
This is a prescriptive deep massage, targeting tension zones, relieving muscular aches and pains. Nigel will customise this massage to your needs and the day.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage – £62.99
A relaxing massage combining the therapeutic power of touch with the properties of the essential oils chosen specifically to suit you on the day.

Hands to Stone Massage – £62.99
Traditional relaxing massage techniques introduce volcanic basalt stones that are warmed and are used with aromatic oils to massage away muscle tension. The heat of the stones penetrates to a deeper level than hands lone to achieve a truly tension relieving massage

Full Body Hot Stone Massage – £77.99
Warmed volcanic stones massage away life’s tensions and draw you into a truly deep state of meditative relaxation. Stones ae placed on and around the body to calm and balance, Deep massage is them applied with the stones, warming and easing the muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed both physically and emotionally.