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Elim Pedicures


Make yourself comfortable in one of our European Touch Pedi Spa Chairs, designed to enhance your treatment with massage, heat and recline options.


House of Beauty offers an Elim medical grade pedicure that uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet. A scientifically proven spa pedicure range that uses active ingredients to deliver a pedicure without abrasive files, blades and machinery and focusing on ingredient that were historically only reserved for facial products. This is a facial for your feet that delivers results whilst you relax and unwind in our beautiful Pedi Spa.


Pedicure prices

£18.99 – Pedicure Express (file & polish)
£46.99 – Elim Deluxe Pedicure (prices may vary for therapists)
£19.99 – Elim Heel Peel
£7.99   – French Polish add on

Heel Peel or Elim Deluxe
All of the Pedicures at House of Beauty are a Luxury Treatment, but we offer options to help you maintain your treatments in the busy world that we live in.


Express – Removal of old polish (not gel), nail tidy and shorten and re-polish with a colour of your choice.


Heel Peel – The heel peel is caried out at the beginning of all Elim Delude Pedicures, during which the pH of the skin is altered using ‘Callus Tonic’ to break down the proteins that bind the dead skin cells together (callused skin).  This is a stand-alone treatment that can be added to an Express Pedicure, but it will not include any other elements of the Elim Deluxe Pedicure.


Elim Deluxe Pedicure – The heel peel begins your Deluxe Pedicure journey to soft, beautiful feet, then cuticle work is carried out to ensure a clean, tissue-free nail plate. We then exfoliate the feet and legs with an Alpha Hydroxy Foot Exfoliant and remove with warm mitts, the feet are then wrapped in Elim Ultra Mud in preparation for your relaxing leg and foot massage. To finish your treatment your toes are perfectly polished, and we complete your pedicure with a luxurious spritz pf Elim Gold Spritz.

Elim Foot Home Care Tips
Alongside of a regular Pedicure, there are a few extras tips and products that will give your treatment longevity…

House of Beauty stocks the full range of luxury ELIM home care products but we recommend a minimum of using ELIM Foot Perfecter nightly to give your pedicure longevity and keep your feet soft during treatments. A super nourished heel balm with a unique moisture lock system and gel powder technology ensures a non-slip finish after application.

Whilst we prefer you to leave the maintenance of you toenails to us when you visit, we realise that this is not always possible, so when you trim your toes nails at home remember to cut them straight across, as curving your toes nail will encourage the nail to grow into the side walls of the which can become uncomfortable.