at House of Beauty

Please allow 24 hours' notice to avoid a 50% cancellation charge. 

No show and unpaid fees could affect future bookings


All of House of Beauty Manicures show great care and attention to the hands and nails…the cuticles are softened whilst a relaxing hand and arm massage is enjoyed.

Tissue is then gently removed from around the nail bed in preparation for shape, file and gentle exfoliation of the nails before a colour of your choice is applied to complete your treatment, or a gel finish can be chosen to ensure longevity of your perfectly manicured nails.

Standard, Deluxe or Thermal?

Depending on your needs we have three levels of manicures to choose from. If you have very dry flaking hands and arms, we recommend upgrading to a Deluxe to include an exfoliation treatment to the hands and arms. If you have callus, chapped and weathered hands we strongly recommend the Thermal Manicure that not only includes the exfoliation treatment, a deeply nourishing mask is also included to helps soften and improve severe hand and nail problems.

A Special Treat
Treat yourself as well as your hands and take advantage of House of Beauty having an alcohol licence full café menu…from a Cappuccino to a glass of Champagne, a piece of delicious cake to a light lunch, House of Beauty can enhance your visit .

Manicure prices

£16.99 – Mini Manicure (file & polish)
£28.99 – Prescriptive Manicure
£31.99 – Prescriptive Deluxe Manicure
£37.99 – Prescriptive Parrafin Manicure
£ 6.50 – OPI gel colour add on
£ 7.50 – French Polish add on
£ 10.99 – Colour Application only
£31.99 – Red, White or Rose Prescriptive Manicure
(your choice of a glass of wine)
£34.99 – Prosecco Prescriptive Manicure
£43.99 – Champagne Prescriptive Manicure

Nail Home Care Tips

Alongside of a regular Manicure, a healthy diet, wearing gloves and avoiding harsh chemicals, there are a few extras that can make all the difference.

To encourage strong, healthy nails we recommend Advance Nutrition ‘Nail Science’. This daily supplement will supports weak, brittle nails, with strengthening ingredients including Biotin, Calcium, Zinc and Copper, alongside a number of antioxidants and Vitamin D. It will improve the overall condition and appearance of lacklustre nails with continuous use.

Using a nail oil daily will feed and keep the nail nourished such as CND or OPI Avoplex with Avocado lipid complex. Nurture your hands at night with a quality hand cream such as ESPA Rejuvenating Hand Cream to deeply condition, protect and soften.