Café Lounge

at House of Beauty

Café Lounge


Exclusive to clients our Café Lounge is the social heart of the salon offering a delicious menu of drinks, award winning cakes, light lunches and snacks that can be enjoyed before or after a treatment to enhance your visit.

House of Beauty has an alcohol licence so you can enjoy a glass of wine or champagne to make your visit or a gift extra special. Try a Prosecco Manicure, a Café Pedicure or just enjoy a glass of champagne to treat yourself during your visit. House of Beauty is the only day salon in Wiltshire that can offer this service and we continue to add to our menus to enhance your time in the salon.

As a client of House of Beauty our Café Lounge can be enjoyed at any time, not just before or after a treatment, so any time you want to escape the busy schedule of everyday life and enjoy a coffee or light lunch in peace and quiet the team are ready to welcome you.

Hot Drinks
Pot of Breakfast or Earl Grey Tea – £2.10
Choice of Herbal Tea’s – £1.75
Black Coffee – £1.85
Espresso – £1.55
Double Espresso – £2.25
Latte – £2.05
Cappuccino – £1.95
Mocha – £2.15
Hot Chocolate – £2.05

Cold Drinks
Organic Presses – £1.99
Bottled Sparkling – 85p

Wine, Prosecco and
White Pinot Grigio – £4.99
Blush Zinfandel – £4.99
Red Merlot – £4.99
Prosecco – £6.99
Champagne – £14.99

Served with a selection of savoury nibbles.
Driving??? Enjoy a glass in the salon and take the rest home to enjoy after dinner this evening!!

Toasted Sandwiches
Sweet Mixed Pepper Cheese & Chorizo
Brie & Bacon
Halloumi, Black Olive & Pepperoni
Blue Cheese & Caramelised Onion
Cheddar & Sun Blush Tomato

On seeded batch, served with a
mixed salad with honey and
mustard dressing on the side

Cake Selection
Coffee & Walnut, Carrot & Orange, Orange Polenta, Victoria Sponge, Honey & Bergamot, Blueberry Bakewell
Or Honey & Lavender
From £2.75

Our cakes may change from the above selection from time to time.

Something Else
Toasted Tea Cake
with butter & strawberry jam – £1.75

Warmed Chocolate Brownie
with Clotted Cream – £2.15

Warm Fruit Scone with Jersey Clotted Cream
and Strawberry Jam – £2.95