Acrylic Nails

at House of Beauty

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Acrylic Nails

Have you always wanted beautiful nails but find you have continuous problems with flaking, splitting, soft, weak nails and maintaining coloured polishes. Acrylic nail enhancements will give you the opportunity to have healthy natural looking nails, nails so light and thin you don’t even need to wear nail polish.

Salon owner Wendy Smith has been practicing Acrylic Nails for over 20 years and this was the very beginning of House of Beauty prior to the beautiful salon it houses today. Her philosophy is to keep acrylic nails as natural looking as possible, in fact most of her work is often mistaken for real nails and providing the nails are cared for, an initial set of acrylics can last for years, with just the odd replacement now and again.

Once the application of a full set of acrylic nails has been completed a simple maintenance every three weeks is all that is required to keep your hands and nails looking beautiful.

Acrylic Nail prices


French or Natural Full Set – £56.50
Rebalancing French – £28.50
Back Fill – £25.50
Additional Nail Replacements – £5.50
Removal, File & Polish – £29.99

Nail Home Care Tips

Using a nail oil daily will feed and keep the natural nail nourished such as CND or OPI Avoplex with Avocado lipid complex.

Nurture your hands at night with a quality hand cream such as ESPA Rejuvenating Hand Cream to deeply condition, protect and soften. Home care products can be purchased in the salon.