April went by in a flash and was a lovely month in the salon, which was just as well as outside the weather still didn’t do Spring very well, but that didnt stop so many of you having some time for yourselves, maintenance or regular visits.

We saw so many new faces in April that had either been recommended or were enjoying a wonderful Gift Voucher and many of those new faces we will be seeing again in the month ahead after rebooking their treatments or trying something else, which brings us to a little bad news… The salon is pretty much FULL FOR MAY with the exception of appointments with Nigel and the odd half hour with Wendy and Hayley. We do get cancellations and changes, but not many so we will send out any Late Availability on a Sunday evening if we have free appointments. We cannot encourage enough to forward book in the busy summer months with Saturdays in June now also full, the diary is open for July, so book your appointmnt NOW.

Julie Brackenbury is as busy as House of Beauty so we have listed her clinic dates through to July and again encourage to book in advance.

Given we ar heading into holiday season we have done a feature on holiday preperations along with Permanent Makeup as we have had many enquiries for these life changing treatments that are available with House of Beauty’s little sister Home of Beauty, we hope you enjoy what we are talking about in this bulletin… and don’t miss the amazing ESPA OFFER this month too.


How would you like to get out of the pool or sea with your eyes still looking like you had spent time on them this morning, or people wondering what amazing waterproof makeup you had on for your brows as they still look perfect?

Home of Beauty offers permanent makeup which involves the implantation of pigment into th dermis of the skin to mimic the effects of conventional makeup or natural hairs but with none of the drawbacks. Permanent makeup can restore lost features or enhance present ones, it can boost self-confidence or give you a look you always have desired. Whatever reason for wanting permanent cosmetics you can be assured of being in safe hands with Wendy at Home of Beauty.

Whether you are looking for Lip Definition, a simple Lash Line or Perfect Brows, these can all be achieved with Permanent Makeup and will keep their look from the time you take your first swim each morning on holiday, to getting out of the shower and ready for a balmy evenings dinner.

Holidays always bring many new enquiries for having one of these life changing treatments done, so we hope you find this feature helpful and you can find out more with the Home of Beauty link below that gives you direct website access from this post.

Brows  – Are the most requested Permanent Cosmetic treatment. Regardless of natural hair growth, brow shape or lack of any brow hair, brows frame your fac so this could be the most important treatment you do.

Cost – £395 (A deposit of £100 to secure your booking, balance 1 week prior to treatment) Includes – Consultation, treatment and touch up treatment.

Lash Lining- Offers many options to enhance the eyes and this is something you will need to think about… do you want something that is not too obvious, or do you want somthing a little more dramatic? A simple Lash Enchancement, Baby Liner or Liquid Liner will give you an instant lift, a brighter look and you will never have to worry about panda eyes again.

Cost from – £235 (Deposit of £100 to secure booking, balance 1 week prior to treatment) Includes – Consultation, treatment and touchup treatment

Lips- Whether you are looking for simple definition because your lip size and colour is fine, or you want a permanent full lip colour, there are a few choices to be made for cosmetic tattooing to enhance your lips.

Cost from – £475 (Deposit of £100 to secure your booking, balance due 1 week prior to treatment) Includes – Consulation, treatment and touchup treatment


Start your Permanent Makeup journey here



Don’t forget to add our House of Beauty discount code in the promo box at the checkout –


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By adding this code at the checkout you will still be supporting the salon as well as benefiting from a little extra discount


With so many of us looking forward to some sunshine and a well deserved holiday this year, it is time to organise the most popular holiday prep treatments and BOOK NOW.

We will give you the tools and remindeers to book your holiday preperation and the rest is up to you… even Wendy booked her waxing and pedicure with Hayley months ago for her trip to Italy!

Pedicures are without a doubt our most popular treatment for the summer season and you can choose between an Express that includes a nail, tidy and polish or a Deluxe Pedicure that will get your feet in tiptop condition for the beach and those new sandals.

Express Pedicure – £18.99

Deluxe Pedicure – From £46.99

Waxing may not be our favourite treatment, but it is absolutley essential for your holidays, from a leg wax to underarms. We are now also busy with Hollywood and Brazilian waxing or you can still opt for a simple ‘Classic Bikini’

We have detailed the differences between the ‘bikini options’ on our site where you will also find a huge menu of waxing treatments to be smooth and ready for the beach.

Nails are either a one-off for holidays or for the regulars who need that maintenance treatment timed just right before their holidays. House of Beauty offers Natural Manicures or Acrylic options, so whatever you nails need to look good on your holidays, House of Beauty will be able to offer a solution.

You can choose from an Express Manicure with a Gel finish to ensure your colour lasts the duration of your holiday, or opt for the ‘perfect 10’ and book a set of natural looking acryclic nails (We only do ‘Natural Looking’) that will give you the nails you always wanted fro your special trip.


Available with Julie Brackenbury

Julie returned on the 18th April, and we have a few dates through to July. We have included a booking link below that will take you direct to Julies’ website and details of how to book with her along with information about the procedures she offers.

23rd May 11am – 5pm

20th June 11am – 5pm

11th July 11am – 5pm

For those of you that don’t know Julie…

Julie is one of the most experienced and expert aesthetic practitioners in the UK and sits on the editorial board for the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing and the Dermatological Nursing Journal. She has been the author of more than 30 published peer-reviewed articles and is one of only a handful of nurses to achieve this. Julie is also a former director and board member fro the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses.

One of Julie’s proudest moments of her career was winning an Aesthetic Nurse of the Year award for ethical practice presented by Dame Esther Rantzan, along side of being named on of the top ten cosmetic nurses in the UK by Tatler Magazine.


The diary is currently open until the end of July.

MAY IS NOW FULL with the exception of a few slots with Nigel and 26th and 31st with Hayley… We will keep you updated with cancellations each week.


OR CALL – 01249 445285

We are unable to accomodate bookings via email and if we are unavailable when you call, please leave a message and we will always contact you before the end of our working day.