Environ Facial Treatments

at House of Beauty

Please allow 48 hours' notice to avoid a 50% cancellation charge. 

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Environ Facials


Environ’s pioneering electro-sonic technology sets the benchmark for professional skincare treatments. Low frequency sonophoresis together with pulsed ionophoresis in combination with Environ’s Professional skin care products, help deliver more of what your skin needs where it needs it most – making a real lasting difference to your skin for life.

These revolutionary treatments use the Environ lonzym machine to apply a combination of electrical pulses and soundwaves to drive vital skin vitamins A, C and E into the skin. Penetration is increased by up to 40 times compared with simply massaging creams in by hand. The treatment stimulates the maximum thickening of the skin, helps to improve collagen and elastin levels to soften lines and scars, reducing uneven skin tones and increasing hydration.


1 hour – £78.99 (3 areas)

1 ½ hrs – £97.99 (10 areas)



Helps soften the appearance of fine lines, sun-damage and sagging skin with our peptide and vitamin packed facial for a more youthful appearance.


Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and increase the plumpness of the deeper layers of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is the hero ingredient, promoting a moisturised, glowing-looking skin.


Ideal for sensitive, irritated skin. A powerful combination of smart ingredients, leaving the skin feeling soothed with a healthy radiance.


A targeted solution for sun-damaged or pigmented skin. Boosting the skin with the correct combination of ingredients, results in flawless, radiant-looking skin.

Environ is a globally recognised and loved skincare product range that is built on science, beauty and care.

Skin has a life and that vitamin A is the “oxygen” it needs to look beautiful and healthy for life. It is for this reason that Environ actively pursue skin care science to skilfully and consistently develop best, scientifically researched and developed products that work with skin.
Environ cannot be purchased directly online, and must always follow a consultation and product recommendation by a trained Environ Skin Care Professional. Environs unique STEP-UP SYSTEM helps the skin become gradually more comfortable with increasing doses of vitamin A and other ingredients thereby reducing the likelihood of a skin reaction.

Environ is acclaimed by international skincare therapists, dermatologists, beauty editors, top film stars and super models alike and available at House of Beauty.